Rich Experience

Our expertise, deep understanding of our customer’s business needs, out-of-the-box thinking and enthusiasm in everything we do, make us a reliable partner to enjoy working with. Our experts have a solid international background who design tailor-made solutions that serves your business leading you directly to guaranteed success.

Comprehensive Support

We are a truly customer-centric organization because we focus on three core elements of organizational design:

A strategy that represents the overall commitment to develop solutions that solve a customer’s need and focus on their profitability and loyal customers.

We design a structure that incorporates customer segments, customer teams, and customer profit & loss.

Mental Model
We focus on convergent, instead of divergent thinking. Ask, “What combination of services suitable best for this customer?” instead of, “How much service can I offer to this customer?”

Competitive Prices

With globalization, the survival and success of many financial service firms mainly lies in the understanding and meeting the needs, desires and expectations of their customers.

SGP Consultancy tends to prioritize its goals by shifting the focus from rate-setting and transaction-processing to becoming more customer-focused.

We are proud to provide a premium service with competitive pricing. We believe in offering value for money plus guarantee of client satisfaction.