We have the expertise and the knowledge to handle your payroll requirements for both locals and expatriates. 

Let us take our time for accuracy Use your time for business!

Social Security

In the UAE social security contribution are applicable to UAE and GCC citizens only, Employers should withhold pension contribution although foreign workers do not contribute to or receive pension funds. Local employees must contribute 5% of their wage or salary as pension social security, while their employers must contribute 12.5%. Wages must be paid to employees within two weeks of the end of the pay period.

At SGP Payroll we’re committed to provide a flexible, reliable and prompt service to keep payroll processing easy and convenient for you.


Our customised reports and services enable us to meet your specific needs now and in the future. We work with you to ensure you get what you want.

Accurate and Reliable

Our knowledgeable, professional staff work hard to ensure you receive an accurate and reliable service on a consistent basis. Ongoing training and continuous improvement initiatives ensure you receive the best service possible.

Easy and Convenient

Our comprehensive, straightforward approach saves you time and frustration. With Ibex you don’t need complicated and expensive software or hardware that requires regular training, updating and maintenance.

All you need to do is forward your payroll data in a format most convenient for you and we’ll do the rest.

Cost Effective

Our competitive rates save you money on supplies and the time it takes to complete your payroll inhouse. By outsourcing to SGP Payroll you can free up employee time for core business priorities.

Services we provide


  • We are accurate in time, and consistent in our Payroll Services.
  • On time salary transfers and certificates.
  • Generation of electronic payslips.
  • Issuance of Bank letters, and reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Construction of offer letters.
  • Analysis of all your payroll systems and how we can assist in improving it.
  • We have finance expertise that would help in any financial matter.
  • We are flexible as we are international.
  • We can also outsource our payroll services.
  • Our expertise has years of experience in HR in addition to finance.
  • Record keeping of employees and files.
  • Payroll calculations, leaves, attendances, and time sheets.
  • Also, WPS (Wages Payroll System) complaint in UAE.
  • In UAE, companies should have a contract with a bank account, so that bank would keep track of the employee’s bank account. And it should be approved by the Central Bank of UAE.
  • Workers wages will be transferred according to UAE rules.

Each month we send you:

  • Accounts Ledger figures.
  • Soft or hard copy of pay Slips for each employee.
  • Plus any other payment figures such as pension contribution (where applicable).
  • Employee Reports.



  • Conversions of company and employee data.
  • Assistance in collection of company and employee data.
  • Assistance in using our services.

Each month we send you

SGP Payroll offers you a choice of how you submit your payroll information. You may choose to forward your payroll data via:

  • Telephone / Facsimile
  • E-mail 
  • Web based – secure account using our partners.
  • Accountant Online.
  • Courier. for more information.

Output of payroll

  • After each payroll has been processed, you will receive a payroll information package for your records.This package is put together based on your specific requirements and is delivered to you according to your preference.
  • A typical payroll package often includes the following information, but remember, each payroll package is customised, so please ask about other information you’d like to include in your package
  • Payroll Register (may be departmentalised)
  • Specialised reports
  • Employee cheques and/or earning statements
  • Direct Deposit Summary
  • Cheque register
  • Quality Assurance Checklist
  • Timecard & Adjustment Summary
  • Year to Date Payroll Register

You also have a choice about how you receive your completed payroll package. You may choose to receive your payroll package via:

  • Facsimile.
  • E-mail.
  • Web based – secure account using our partners Accountant Online.
  • Courier.
  • Mail.
  • Personal pick-up. for more information.

Our Ethos, 

Providing Value for Money 

In addition to competitive rates, outsourcing with SGP Payroll can save you time and reduce your overhead supplies. With SGP Payroll, you don’t need expensive, complicated hardware and software requiring training and ongoing maintenance. You also save time, money and frustration at year-end or when implementing new employment standards, taxation, deduction or benefit legislation.

Our Direct Deposit and Internet-based services also means going paperless.

We have simplified our payroll services without compromising quality. Our price structure includes all tax work, all payroll reports, mailing and handling. There are no hidden costs or annual fees to pay, making it affordable for any business.

Our fees are calculated after each client has furnished us with details of their requirements, therefore you could visit our website and complete the form under “Get A Quotation” to enable us to reply with our very competitive costs.

The practice ethos is based around personal service, with regular client contact and visits to ensure that our advice and service is always current and relevant. Initial consultations are free and without obligation

Payroll demands a great deal of time and expertise.

Out sourcing your payroll remove the expense of buying and maintaining a costly payroll system. minimise the chance for errors.