SGP CapitalNet

“Helping businesses grow with profitability”

Your Success is Part of Our Reputation

SGP CapitalNet is the full suite of consulting services, we lead from the front in business innovation and solution, to move your business forward.

Your vision is our process. Having Capitalnet on board will help transform your business ideas into profitable reality. We specialise in creating an individual Business Transformation and strategies, and Operational plans. Our specialised service is customised individually for each of our client and based on their circumstances.

The signature statement of CapitalNet, backed up with a substantial number of years of real hands-on experience and knowledge guiding businesses to success.

How can CapitalNet Help

Identify your needs by evaluating your business, it’s strengths, weaknesses, assets and resources

  • Create a business plan and detailed road map poverninp your business future growth
  • Implement the changes needed
  • Work with you to manage and process your growth
  • Plan and execute your exit strategy and retirement

We are here Together to help you achieve your goals

Creating a business with authentic integrity.

Your partners in growth.

Innovative solutions to move your business forward.

Business Plan and Road Map

We simply help companies with Strong vision that need a visual plan and road Map they can follow to stay on top and achieve the goals that matter the most to the business.

Company Evaluation and Analysis

To understand and evaluate your company financial standing and help you understand and analyse your financial statement by performing our unique evaluation methods


Our project Management tools which will help you break down the implementation process to smaller segments in order to help and facilitate the execution of your business plan

Exit Strategies

All exit plans have significant influence on your future business choices
We will develop your personalized exit strategy at all stages of your business, and according to your roll within the business.

Rent an officer

With any business expansion and growth, the hiring on demand of an experienced and qualified CFO who not only understands the dynamics and inner working of owners managed companies can provide valuable financial advice and identify strategic goals to drive profits and other initiatives, will save you on employing a financial controller on full time bases.

Asset Protection

We draw and help businesses and individuals use assets protection techniques and the adaptation of strategies to guard your valuable assets from creditors claims Within the bounds of the law.

Financial Management

Our expertise will simplify and help you understand and control and monitor your operational financial cost such as expenditure, revenue and accounts recievable and payable. In addition to keep you in control of your company assets and liabilities.

Contracting and Compliance

We will make sure your contract management strategy are properly managed and comply with any specified terms and legal obligation within the agreement and all parties are following through as they should.


CapitalNet provide the help and on going support with your day to day accounts and all inhouse accounting and financial reporting and your external filling and reporting.


The personalisation of your sales and marketing strategies and help you implement your plan of reaching, engaging and converting your prospect to customers and guiding your team into achieving the company objectives.

Human Capital

An organization is often said to only be as good as its people CaptialNet will maximise the value and quality of this intangible asset by helping invest in the training, education, and benefits of your employees.

CapitalNet is a provider of core services that businesses need to grow with profitability


Fast forward to successful future with SGP CapitalNet